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What's In A Name?

What do Atari®, Astro Pop®, Flicks Candy®, Bonomo Turkish Taffy® and Mini Cooper® have in common? They are all brand names that, once upon a time, were big businesses and part of the public vernacular, then died off and recently resurrected by loyalists who couldn't see those iconic brands fade away. More and more die-hard fans of some of the most iconic brands that faded off are focusing on bring them back with a real passion, not just to fit a corporate product mix.

Good trademarks are those that establish a strong and favorable connection, in the minds of the consumers, between a specific good or service and the source of that good or service. Therefore, even when the product leaves the marketplace due to company consolidation or because it was pulled off the market, consumers still hold strong feelings and attachments to these brands. In many cases, the loyal customers are the ones taking charge and acquiring these brands, making sure the mistakes that originally cause the brands demise won't be duplicated.

Strategic Marks, LLC, a company based in Irvine, CA, is one of a handful of companies that wants to revive some of these long-lost brand names since many brand icons are pieces of "Americana" history and American popular culture.

Strategic Marks, LLC has received the rights to the trademarks represented on this page and is in the process of re-launching and re-establishing these brands via in-house brand development and outside licensing/partnership alliance model, with plans to focus on e-commerce, private label, as well as offer special signature products, and licensed/brand extensions.


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